Real Estate Employers

Real Estate Employers is an organization representing employers in the Finnish real estate and facility services sector. We negotiate competitive working conditions for the industry and advise members on employment law issues.

We safeguard the conditions under which our members operate by influencing decision-makers, and the authorities, as well as by drafting legislation in matters that are important for the industry. We promote the public’s awareness and appreciation of the industry.

Real Estate Employers is a member of the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK. We have approximately 400 member companies. With their property management and maintenance services, as well as their business premises and user services, they bring value to Finnish people’s everyday lives. We work closely with both domestic and international interest groups and other partners.


In Real Estate Employers, the highest decision-making power is exercised by the Assembly.

The Assembly elects the board for one year at a time. The board appoints separate committees on labor, labor market and economic policy to assist them.

The CEO manages the administration and the office of the association in accordance with the instructions of the board.

Facilities Services Sector – Collective Agreement

The facility services sector collective agreement sets the minimum standards to be applied in the sector, such as pay, working time, sick pay, midweek public holiday compensation etc. The conditions are minimum conditions that employers must apply to all their employees. Work duties in the facility services sector include cleaning and sanitation, building management, technical services, premises services, landscape services, and duties related to these. Wages, payments and fees for janitors and points-based cleaners are contained in an annex to the collective agreement for workers in the facility services sector.